About our fees

Our fees are contingent, based on a percentage of the settlement awarded at trial or negotiated prior to the trial. If a settlement or verdict in your favor is not acheived, you owe us nothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to pay a retainer fee to get my case started?
No. We normally handle all cases on a contingent fee arrangement--that means we do not get paid for costs or attorney's fees until we get a settlement or judgement for you. All details of the fee and cost agreements will be explained to you in detail before we begin representing you or your claim.

Who pays for out-of-pocket expenses while my case is pending?
When you retain an attorney on a contingent fee basis, the out-of-pocket expenses necessary to effectively prosecute the claim are only the client's responsibility if we successfully conclude the case. While the case is pending, we advance the expenses incurred in the course of the repsentation. If and when the case reaches a successful conclusion, the costs we expended are reimbursed to the firm out of the recovery.

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